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School of Pharmacy (Turkish Program)


Our mission is to educate and cultivate proficient pharmacists who embody professional ethical values, exhibit a commitment to personal growth, foster a lifelong learning mindset, prioritize public health, possess robust academic foundations essential for entrepreneurial education, and actively contribute to the advancement of our nation.


We strive to become a leading faculty that conducts groundbreaking research in its field, commands recognition in national and international spheres, serves as a trusted advisor in the formulation of plans and policies concerning public health, remains responsive to Turkey’s evolving landscape, and takes great pride in being a trailblazer within Ankara Medipol University.

Academic Staff:

Our esteemed academic staff, responsible for shaping the scientists of tomorrow, comprises dynamic scholars who embrace diverse educational philosophies and have garnered significant achievements both domestically and internationally.

Preparatory Program:

The Faculty of Pharmacy provides instruction in both Turkish and English, with certain departments employing English as the primary language of instruction. To ensure a solid foundation in English proficiency, students enrolled in English-taught programs are required to complete a one-year English Preparatory program offered by the Language School. Upon request, students in Turkish-taught departments may also avail themselves of preparatory education.


The Faculty of Pharmacy conducts its theoretical courses in modern classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our classrooms feature smart boards, projection devices, and internet connectivity, aligning with the latest technological advancements.


Practical courses within the Faculty of Pharmacy are conducted in separate laboratories allocated to the disciplines of Basic Pharmacy Sciences, Professional Pharmacy Sciences, and Pharmacy Technology. These laboratories are furnished with contemporary and up-to-date resources, including laboratory consumables, chemicals, and specialized equipment. Each laboratory is designed to accommodate individual student workstations, ensuring compliance with the outcomes outlined in the Core Education Program.

Computer Labs:

Our faculty provides an ample number of computer laboratories for the benefit of our students, offering access to the necessary technological resources.

Seminar Halls:

Within our faculty, we have dedicated meeting and seminar halls where scientific seminars, student symposiums, scientific meetings, and club activities are held, fostering an environment conducive to academic and intellectual exchange.


Students at our faculty have the privilege of utilizing the library facilities and study areas located within both the Center and Anafartalar campuses of our esteemed university.

Social and Sporting Events, Clubs, and Societies:

Ankara Medipol University’s Health, Culture, and Sports Department offers a range of social, sports, cultural, counseling, and guidance activities, which our students can actively engage in. Moreover, students have the opportunity to establish various student clubs within our faculty, with full support from our university, enabling them to participate in club activities.

Cafeteria and Dining Hall Facilities:

The nutrition unit of Ankara Medipol University’s Health, Culture, and Sports Department organizes lunch services for all students of our university. Students enrolled in our faculty benefit from the cafeterias situated in both the Center and Anafartalar Campuses. Our school’s cafeteria services are tailored to meet the dietary requirements and energy needs of our student community, ensuring daily menus reflect the principles of balanced nutrition and are adapted to seasonal characteristics.


Within our faculty, we have established reciprocal partnerships with several universities through the esteemed European Union Erasmus+ student exchange program. To facilitate the exploration of diverse cultures and enable our students to broaden their educational horizons, our University and Faculty are fortified by dedicated Erasmus Coordinatorships. Through these collaborative efforts, our students have the privilege of experiencing a portion of their academic journey at renowned Faculties of Pharmacy abroad.

Double Major, Minor:

Students enrolled in our faculty have the valuable option to pursue double major and minor programs, available across a wide range of disciplines. This unique opportunity allows them to engage in simultaneous studies within multiple programs. By embarking on this academic pathway, our students can expand their knowledge and expertise, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of different disciplines while enriching their educational experience.


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