Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Pharmaceutical chemistry; it is a profession of pharmacy that examines the synthesis and purification of the active drug substance, the relationship between its structure and pharmacological activity, the metabolism of the drug molecule in the body and its possible consequences, starting from the design.

Working Places

  • Drug molecule design – Identification and interaction of target proteins
  • Development of new derivatives to overcome the problems of existing drug molecule
  • Development of drug molecule synthesis procedures
  • Interpretation of the chemical structure of the drug molecule and pharmacological activity relationships
  • Interpretation of metabolization with the chemical structure of the drug molecule
  • Establishing a relationship between the chemical structure of the drug molecule and the physicochemical parameters
  • Structure illumination of drug molecule
  • Making qualitative and quantitative analyzes of the drug molecule

Teaching Staff:

  • Lect. Nisa Nur YILDIRIM
  • Res. Assist. Ertugrul YILDIRIM
  • Res. Assist. Mislina DANIŞTI

Compulsory Courses

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry I
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry III
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory I
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory II
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory III
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory IV
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