Department of Pharmacognosy

Department of Pharmacognosy

Department of Pharmacognosy is one of the main disciplines listed in Ankara Medipol University Faculty of Pharmacy, Division of Pharmaceutical Professional Sciences.

Pharmacognosy is the science that studies the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of drugs, drug substances or potential drugs, or drug substances of natural origin as well as the search for novel drugs from natural sources.

Research fields like pharmacological activity studies of traditional medicinal plants, phytochemical studies on the secondary metabolites from natural sources, structural elucidation of natural compounds, bioactivity studies, as well as cell culture, plant-tissue culture, secondary metabolite production and biological synthesis, are of interest to Pharmacognosy Department.

Academic Staff:

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Nuriye Hilal TAŞTEKİN – Head of Department
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Gökşen Dilşat DURBİLMEZ
  • Lect. Reyhan ARICI
  • Lect. Elif Ayça ALTINKAYA SAMİM
  • Res.Assist. Eda AVCI
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