Electrical Electronics Engineering

Electrical-Electronics is an engineering discipline which has many work fields over all the world countries. A student who gets Electrical-Electronics degree can find a job in his profession in any of the world counties and can also work in many other jobs related to technology and innovation. Electrical-Electronics engineering has many branches, and some of these branches are: analog and digital hardware design, energy distribution and power systems, biomedical engineering, control engineering, robotics engineering, mechatronics engineering, communication engineering, signal processing, embedded systems, computer software development, network engineering, etc. Education language of our department is English, and a modern and updated curriculum is formed for Electrical-Electronics program. The companies or institutions which can employ an Electrical-Electronics engineer can be listed as: defense industry companies, national and international companies operating in the communication sector, research and development departments of companies operating in many different fields, companies operating in the field of electronic medical devices in the health sector, companies producing electronic hardware, data processing centers of banks and institutions, government institutions, military units, universities and many other institutions. Electrical-Electronics engineering is a popular profession of all the time, past, current and the future. It is an obvious fact that the popularity of Electrical-Electronics engineering will remain at a high level as the technology advances. While preparing the curriculum of Electrical-Electronics engineering program, we paid attention to trigger the entrepreneurship aspects of students. Most of the courses have laboratory studies, and entrepreneurship and printed circuit board design courses are included in the curriculum.

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