Interior Design

As distinct from the term “decoration” which means designing places based on personal aesthetics, “interior design” is a process design requiring detailed technical calculations.

Consequently, alongside being able to manage the artistic process and technology in the interior design process capably, the graduates of the program are well-educated and equipped with the mastery of technical issues, such as sanitary systems, how to design electricity and the systems related to it, materials and selection of applications compatible with them, and how to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

With regards to the current quality standards, business competition and changing needs of consumers, the mission of Interior Design Program is to contribute to qualified designer workforce, which cannot meet the demand in businesses and offices at present, by means of the professional competency achieved by individuals to be employed in the field of interior design. Considering that case, the graduates of the program can find a job without facing employment problems and work in different positions in architectural firms, the design departments of furniture factories, renovation firms as a project worker, architects and engineering offices as an illustrator or a designer, and model making companies as a technical worker. Additionally, the graduates succeeding in Vertical Transfer Examination can transfer to 4-year undergraduate programs which are Architecture, Interior architecture, Interior and Environmental Design, Handicraft Design and Manufacture, and Traditional Turkish Handicrafts.

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