The Aim of The Programme

A physiotherapy technician is a healthcare professional who applies physiotherapy methods and treatment approaches in accordance with the instructions of the specialist physician in cases which cause movement disorders and helps to improve health and quality of life. Students who complete the program are awarded an associate degree diploma and the title of physiotherapy technician. The aim of the program is to train students who are preferred in the public and private sectors, respected, qualified, modern and have international knowledge in their fields and will meet the needs of our country. After the graduation from the associate degree program, there is a possibility to study in undergraduate programs with the vertical transfer exam. Students who have successfully completed all the courses, practices and internships stipulated in the program and have received at least 120 ECTS credits in total have the right to receive a diploma. Graduation success rate is determined by the weighted average score.

The type of education and the language of instruction:
The education period is 2 years, and the language of education is Turkish.

Academic Calendar






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