First and Emergency Aid


It is to raise allied health personnel who is able to provide the patients and the injured in the prehospital emergency health system with basic and advanced life support based on current medical guidelines, learn the story of the patient/the injured with the suitable communication skill, recognize and apply all kinds of system traumas, make sure that the patients or the injured who has received the first treatments arrives at hospital safely.

In this context, the vision of our department is to become an innovative and leading college which follow the developments in paramedic education constantly and contribute to quality scientific research.

Its mission is to raise paramedics who is a team-player, who is able to combine their scientific knowledge and skills with ethical knowledge and the welfare of the public/humanity and who is going to make a difference in their field.

Conditions of admission: In order to be accepted into this program, it is required to get the enough score from the Core Proficiency Test (Temel Yeterlilik Testi) administered by OSYM. Students are accepted into the program based on the guidelines determined by the Higher Education Council.

Acquired Qualification: Associate’s degree

 Employment opportunities: The ones graduated from the program can get a job at 112 ambulances in public and private sectors and emergency service.

Higher Degree: The candidates who complete the associate degree program are able to apply to the undergraduate programs determined by OSYM by taking the Vertical Transfer Exam. The programs which can be applied to: -Emergency and Disaster Management, -Nursing, – Nursing and Health Services

Education type and language: Formal education, Turkish

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