The purpose of this program is to train radiation therapy technicians who can provide help to oncologists, work in radiation oncology centers, check the status of the machinery and equipment autonomously and regularly in the radiation treatment process. Upon completion of the program, radiation therapy technicians have the knowledge and skill of creating masks and patient position mold and lead shielding blocks for treatment, preparing patients for treatment and simulation, and carrying out radiation therapy simulations.

In preparation and treatment services, in line with the general working principles of the institution, by using the tools and equipment efficiently, to comply with the occupational health, safety and environmental protection regulations in accordance with quality requirements, radiation therapy technicians, radiation oncology specialists and/ or radiation physicians together with have missions as follows:

  • Controlling machinery and equipment,
  • Saving patient information and treatment parameters to the computer,
  • Adjusting the position of patients (set-up),
  • Preparing a patient position shield,
  • Getting a simulation output,
  • Identifying treatment areas (simulation),
  • Developing films (simulation and port films) in a dark room.
  • Preparing the lead block and placing it in the machine,
  • Operating and using all kinds of radiotherapy devices,
  • To maintain and repair devices that are used.
  • To perform the duties and procedures during the radiation therapy and to control the patient’s condition through the radiation treatment.

The program offers a two-year education and the language of instruction is Turkish. Students who graduate from the program are given an associate degree diploma and the title of “Radiation Therapy Technician”.

Graduates can work in the relevant departments of universities, public and private hospitals where radiation therapy is applied. In addition, graduates have also the opportunity to be transferred to the undergraduate departments of “nursing and health services”.

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