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English Preparatory Program at Ankara Medipol University provides English training for students whose knowledge of English is not sufficient to follow their courses provided in this language. It also conducts compulsory professional foreign language courses in all departments.

IMU English Preparatory Program constitutes Turkish and foreign experts and experienced staff. Relying on advanced information and communication technologies and sophisticated programs and planning, Ankara Medipol University English Program staff is determined to bring all students to an adequate level of Professional English knowledge in compliance with the international standards. 

The English Program has been prepared considering the language knowledge, and skills students should acquire for their studies and career. During English Preparatory education, students develop the techniques to express themselves in both oral and written form, access and use information, and comprehend and use academic English. Students who have completed the preparatory year successfully can follow classes in English and follow the literature in their respective fields without encountering problems.

In addition, The English Program carries out Summer Courses open to both Preparatory Program students who did not meet the requirements during the academic year and students of other departments who are willing to improve their English skills.

Our specialized preparatory school offers students registered at Istanbul Medipol University, where minimally 30% of the instructing language is English, the opportunity to learn academic English in intensive courses.

In fulfilment of the needs of our students, the course program is 33 weeks, with an optional summer program of 6 weeks for those students requiring further instruction. Students will start education at A1 elementary level. At the end of these 33 weeks, students are expected to be B2+ level and interact with academic English without encountering any problems. During this period, students will attend 26 lectures per week, with 45 minutes per lecture. The weekly program of classes is composed of academic reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as grammar, translation, CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) and professional English classes.

The intensive courses provide our students with the necessary skills s/he will rely upon during their future education, potential academic career, and life in the “global village” our world has turned into. 

More precisely, during this intensive year, the student will engage, both conceptually and analytically, multifaceted academic texts and orations from various fields, perceive a broad range of information, regardless of the narrator, and write complete essays expressing supporting their opinions. 

Istanbul Medipol University preparatory program rigorously administers a considerable number of exams. Hence, both the lecturers and the students learn and work to eliminate ostensive problems with students’ English skills. After completing the preparatory program, students whose average score is at least 70 over 100 are given the respective official certificate, which confirms to the university’s departments the students’ background to be sufficient to continue their studies without any language obstacles in their individual departments. 

The preparatory school instructors are energetic, experienced in language teaching, international certified, and trained for the university’s preparatory program. The lecturers are also available for office hours several times a week. To provide the most effective learning experience, the number of students per class is limited. In contrast, the lessons and other environments are arranged in compliance with the necessities of the courses.

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