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Dean’s Message

Ankara Medipol University commenced its educational journey in 2018 as a vibrant and rapidly expanding institution. Our university stands out as a dynamic and progressive establishment, boasting splendid historical structures and an expansive campus situated in the heart of Ankara. Additionally, our Anafartalar campus showcases a modern and innovative education-teaching building. At our university, education goes beyond the mere cultivation of scientists; it is a comprehensive system designed to instill innovation, contribution, and scientific rigor across all fields of study. Our objective is to educate students with an awareness of the Civilization Aesthetics program, equipping them with entrepreneurial qualities suitable for the ever-changing and evolving postgraduate landscape while enabling their education to extend to international realms.

The pharmacy profession traces its roots back to the history of humanity itself. It is a field constantly evolving alongside scientific and technological advancements, and its significance in the pharmaceutical and health industry is escalating day by day. Embracing this understanding, our Faculty of Pharmacy has endeavored to become modern, innovative, and entrepreneurial. We uphold professional ethical values and instill in our students the habit of lifelong learning, emphasizing public health as a priority. Our educational approach rests on strong academic foundations, and in alignment with the mission and vision of our university and faculty since 2019, we actively contribute to the country’s development by training proficient pharmacists.

Supported by our dynamic, visionary, and versatile academic staff, we aim to provide our students with an education program that fully aligns with the Core Education Program and Pharmacy Accreditation, meeting their current and future needs. Recognizing the significance and beauty of university life and the formative student years, we organize various activities beyond academic education to prepare our students for their professional lives and broaden their social and cultural perspectives. Through social elective courses, sports activities, student clubs, social responsibility projects, and excursions, we contribute to every facet of our students’ lives. Additionally, our participation in the Erasmus+ program facilitates cultural exchange, allowing our students to immerse themselves in diverse cultures. We also support our ambitious and accomplished students in pursuing minor and double major programs.

Together with our students, academic faculty, and administrative staff, we believe that we can surpass our goals with unwavering determination and enthusiasm. We are confident that, united, we will achieve remarkable accomplishments.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Hakan BOYUNAĞA

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

There are 2 programs in our faculty;

Turkish Program
English Program

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