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Faculty of Medicine (English Program)


An understanding of education that is student based with an academic staff of rising expertise with advanced technology and research. 


To bring up DOCTORS who are able to work cooperatively, working as a team with other disciplines under the field of health, who utilize science and technology to increase public health and wellbeing, who are critical and independent thinkers, who are experts, both in knowledge and skills, in their profession, who make it a habit to be learning-oriented in their work and who are able to conduct scientific studies within the fields of medicine and clinical science.


To be a leading faculty that is proud to be a part of Ankara Medipol University that puts forth authentic scientific studies, that is nationally and internationally well-known, is consulted as developing plans and policies regarding public health and is active and competent.


Our academic staff is comprised of academicians who are nationally and internationally successful, who adopt different styles of education models and who train the doctors and scientists of the future. Each of our students are designated with an advisor who will support them from registration until graduation.


Our faculty, as a part of our university which takes place among the most modern educational institutions with its Health Education Research and Practice Centre and its %100 Turkish and %100 English programs, runs undergraduate and post-graduate programs. 

For our students who will study in English programs to be successful at their occupational subjects, they must pass the proficiency exam or successfully complete the preparatory class education. Students who apply for Turkish programs can optionally benefit from our language schools as well.

In case of preference, some part of the Language School training can be taken abroad.

Simultaneous Program
Students who meet the criteria of success within the first two years of their bachelor’s program can simultaneously start master’s or/and PhD programs, hence reach their career goals sooner.

Medipol Education Foundation (MEV) Scholarship
Students who score top 1000 on the ÖSYM University Selection/Matriculation Exam and students who display a certain level of success within the academic year are granted scholarships and language education endorsement abroad particular to their case. For information about other scholarships and discounts, you can visit our university’s website.

Studying Language Preparation School Abroad
The accommodation in USA and English Preparatory Education expenses of the students who are in the first 1000 in the type of score they placed in the Faculty of Medicine and the education expenses of the students within the quota determined by the Board of Trustees will be covered by our university every year.


Our classrooms are equipped with smart systems in accordance with today’s most recent technology.

Faculty of Medicine Laboratories
These laboratories, each of which is in separate areas and large enough for all students to work comfortably, are extremely suitable for many clinical and preclinical applications thanks to their equipment above our country’s standards. Our faculty has medical biology, anatomy, histology, embryology, physiology, medical biochemistry, medical microbiology-parasitology, medical genetics, medical pathology, medical skills laboratories, and multidisciplinary laboratories. Moreover, our students who are to become the scientist of the future are given the opportunity to conduct research in our research laboratories.

Computer Laboratories
Our faculty offers computer laboratories with 60 computers.

Seminal Halls
Our facilities offer meeting and seminar halls.

Medipol University Central Library offers its services.

Social and Sports Activities and Student Clubs and Associations
Our students can benefit from sports and social, cultural activities as well as guidance and counselling services that the Ankara Medipol University Health, Culture and Sports Department offers.

Ankara Medipol University Health, Culture and Sports Department offers lunch service to all students. Considering the characteristics of the students who want to benefit from the cafeteria service of our school, daily menus are created to meet their energy and nutritional needs, in accordance with seasonality of food choices and the principles of adequate and balanced nutrition.


Our faculty offers EU Socrates/Erasmus exchange programs with various other universities. Our aim is to provide support for our students who are willing to be introduced to different cultures.

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