School of Law

School of Law


A qualified law education which offers the ability of objective, analytical and critical thinking.


To educate talented and knowledgeable jurists who have a contemporary understanding of law, give importance to the balance between legitimacy and legality, rights and liabilities, freedom and responsibility, and individual and society’s right of freedom and living in peace; who can internalize their role in the application of the legal norms that regulate the relationship between the state and citizens, and institutions and individuals within the frame of rights and obligations; who can use science and technology, and search for the knowledge;  who are respectful to humanitarian and ethical values, equipped with occupational knowledge and skills, and a learning-oriented lifestyle.

To be a proud faculty of Ankara Medipol University which is internationally well-known with its academic prestige and competency; which conducts original studies in its field; and a faculty that is consulted in the process of creating plans and policies in the field of law; furthermore, to be a leader faculty which is placed on top in terms of academic quality.

Our academic staff who educates future scientists and jurists consist of the most professional and competent names who has different educational techniques and methods, and who are successful not only nationally but also internationally in their fields.

Our students who enrolled in one of our Turkish programs can also benefit from our language school.

Students who meet the criteria of success within the first two years of their bachelor’s program can simultaneously start master’s or/and PhD programs, hence reach their career goals sooner. Moreover, our students are offered double degree and minor programs and lateral transfer opportunities within our institution.

Medipol Education Foundation (MEV) Scholarship
Students who are in the top 1000 in ÖSYM University Selection/Matriculation Exam and students who display a certain level of success within the academic year are granted scholarships and language education support in foreign countries. For further information on other scholarships and discount opportunities please visit university’s website.


Our classrooms offer smartboards and projectors with the most recent technology.

Computer Laboratories
Our faculty facilities offer a computer laboratory with 60 computers.

Seminal Halls
Meeting and seminar hall are available.

Students can benefit from Medipol University Central Library.

Social and Sports Activities and Student Communities
Our students can benefit from various social, sport, cultural activities and counselling services that are provided by Ankara Medipol University Health, Culture and Sports Department.

Ankara Medipol University Health, Culture and Sports Department Nutrition Unit offers lunch service to all of our students. Healthy menus are prepared daily by considering the nutritional needs of the students who would like to make use of the cafeteria service offered.

Our university offers EU Socrates/Erasmus exchange programs, and agreements with different universities within the frame of these two programs are still in progress. Our aim is to provide opportunities for our students to be individuals who are interculturally competent.

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