Student Affairs Unit

Student Affairs Unit carries out almost all the procedures right after the registration of students at Ankara Medipol University until graduation of students at Associate, Undergraduate, and Graduate levels within the framework of academic rules and regulations.

In this respect, Student Affairs Unit fulfills the following responsibilities:

  • Creating and completing the students’ files for internal transfer students, inter-institutional transfer, special students, graduate students, Double Major, and Minor.
  • Updating immediately the information about the student’s status in YÖKSİS if s/he leaves or graduates from the university.
  • Preparation of Student Certificate, Military Status Document (Appendix-C2 / EK-6) and following up the discounted travel card (BELBİM) transactions of newly registered students with YKS,
  • Corresponding, archiving, posting, and tracking internal and external official letters about students.
  • Grade correction, make-up exam, opening three-course exams, making transactions for students exempted from the Turkish and English Preparatory Program, defining the courses to be taught, the lecturers, the programs to be opened, and the academic calendar to the system.
  • Checking, updating, publishing announcements, answering incoming e-mails, forwarding, and reporting to the relevant units on the Frequently Asked Questions, Prospective Student and Student Affairs Unit pages on the university’s website
  • Preparation of Foundation Audit Forms, Annual Report, Service Inventory and Service Standard, preparation of various information/statistics requested by the Rectorate and other official institutions, notification of YKS-DGS and Lateral Transfer quotas to YÖKSİS.
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