School of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

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School of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Our mission is to train colleagues who can do critical thinking, solve problems, have advanced leadership skills, can take initiatives, have high-communication skills, can put acquired theoretical knowledge with high capability into practice, productive, responsible and virtuous, and to contribute to the academical World and society with high level academic and scientific publications and researches in accordance with the programs within its constitution.

Our vision is to become a school that is recognized in national and international circles, known for its academical respectability and competence, in addition to having a high-level academic identity in the ratings showing scientific quality, to be a school that is consulted when making relative plans and policies and proud to be a part of Ankara Medipol University.

Academic Staff
Our academic staff who trains the scientists of the future, consists of dynamic academicians who adopted the different educational schools and have national and international success.

English Preparatory Program
For all the courses which are instructed in English language there is a one year compulsory English Preparatory education given by Language School. Our students who enrolled in Turkish programs can also benefit from the preparatory program as well.

Faculty Opportunities

Classroom and Laboratory Opportunities: There are smart boards and projection devices in our classrooms in accordance with today’s technology.

Computer Laboratories: There is a computer laboratory consist of 60 computers.

Seminar Halls: There are one meeting and a seminar hall.

Library: Benefitted from Ankara Medipol University Central Library.

Social and Sports Activities and Clubs and Organizations: Our students can benefit from the social sports, cultural, counseling activities of the Ankara Medipol University Culture and Sports Center provides for them.

Cafeteria and Eatery Opportunities: Ankara Medipol University Health, Culture and Sports Center nutrition unit organizes giving lunch to the all students of our university. For the students who want to benefit from our university’s cafeteria services daily menus are prepared regarding the principles of sufficient and balanced nourishment meeting the energy needs and seasonal characteristics.


Bölümümüzün Avrupa Birliği Socrates/Erasmus öğrenci değişim programları çerçevesinde çeşitli üniversitelerle karşılıklı anlaşma çalışmaları devam etmektedir. Öğrencilerimizin değişik kültürlerle tanışması desteklenmektedir. Ayrıca üniversitemizde başarılı gençlerimizin yararlanabileceği kurum içi çift anadal, yandal ve yatay geçiş programlarımız da mevcuttur.

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Academic Staff