School of Dentistry (English Program)

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School of Dentistry (English Program)

Our mission is to train educated and talented DENTISTS who can cooperate and work in interdisciplinary health-care fields, use science and technology to improve the life quality of society, do research, respect ethical and human values, gain professional knowledge, skills and learning-oriented work habits.

Our vision is to become a leading school that carries out the studies in its field, recognized national and international circles, is consulted when making plans and policies regarding public health and proud of being a part of Ankara Medipol University.

Academic Staff
Our academic staff who raise the future dentists and scientists consist of instructors who adopted different schools of study and own national and international success.

English Preparatory Program
Together with the Oral and Dental Health Research Application Center within our university the language of education is 100% Turkish and can be studied English preparatory class upon request.With being one of Turkey’s most modern educational establishments, our faculty carries out master and undergraduate degrees.Students need to pass English Proficiency Exam or complete English Preparatory Program to be successful in courses instructed in English language.
Students enrolled in the Turkish instructed programs can also benefit from English Preparatory Program upon request. A part of The English Preparatory Program carried out in our university can be continued overseas if preferred.


Faculty Opportunities

Classroom Opportunities: There are smart boards and projection devices in our classrooms in accordance with today’s technology.

Dental Laboratories: We support our students of the School of Dentistry with the most advanced simulation and manipulation laboratories. Thanks to our process based dentistry education model, the intensive medical classes they have taken in the first three years, and the high-level clinic services they have provided in the last two years, our students take their diplomas as dentists with strong medicine notions.
Thus our graduates can successfully perform their professions in universities, hospitals, or private practices. There are Simulation Laboratories and models for our students to gain necessary hand skills and clinical competence during their studies. Our Manipulation Laboratory is one of the biggest laboratories where our all students can do their manipulation internships simultaneously. Apart from the Manipulation Labs, we also have gypsum, acrylic, and metal casting porcelain processing laboratories that contain all of their equipment. Thanks to these units, with each of them, is big enough that all our students can practice inside, set apart from one another and are above the standards of our country, many clinic and laboratory applications of dentistry can be practiced.

Computer Laboratories: There is a computer laboratory with 60 computers.
Seminar Halls: There are one meeting and a seminar hall present.

Library: Benefitted from Ankara Medipol University Central Library.

Social-Sports Activities and Clubs and Organizations: Our students can benefit from the social sports, cultural, counseling activities of the Ankara Medipol University Culture and Sports Center provides for them.

Cafeteria and Eatery Opportunities: Ankara Medipol University Health, Culture and Sports Center nutrition unit organizes giving lunch to all university students. For the students who want to benefit from our university’s cafeteria services, daily menus are prepared regarding the principles of sufficient and balanced nourishment meeting the energy needs and seasonal characteristics.


Mutual agreements with various universities continue within the framework of The European Union Socrates/Erasmus student Exchange of our department.
The meeting of our students with different cultures is supported.