Welcome to Medipol Family…

The aim of the Ankara Medipol University; with the high experience of the Medipol family, it is to be a university that thinks scientifically, transforms thoughts into information, transmits knowledge to life, establishes life with values then spreads these values to the world, and has a permanent superiority with its education and the differences it adds to life.

As a student-oriented university, which closely follows the scientific developments in the field of education and health in the world, is equipped with the most advanced knowledge to respond to the changing needs of the society, consulted in the production of plans and policies, are able to use advanced technology, innovative, critical perspective, love their country, It aims to raise qualified, principled and virtuous individuals who know world as their homeland, have confidence, have assimilated modernity and free thinking.

Our university which is located in Ankara, in the heart of the Republic, strives to bring together the opportunities of the city and being in the capital with students at all the stages of education.

While our university’s competent academic staff will equip you with new and advanced knowledge and prepare you as productive individuals in your fields, you will discover new fields of interest for yourself in social, artistic, cultural and sports fields with the student communities we will establish at our university. You will improve your intellectual knowledge and skills.

MEDİPOL is a brand. It works for an aesthetic future with principles. You are the biggest partner of it.

The thing you will not get it out from your head, your heart; is that we with our academic and administrative staff we will always be with you at any stages of your lives and give you any kind of support.

We celebrate all our students who chose our university and wish for a continued success. Welcome again to our family…




Name Surname Prof. Dr. Ahmet Zeki ŞENGİL
Title Rector
Name Surname Prof. Dr. Nevin ŞANLIER
Title Assistant to Rector
Name Surname Bahar Merve NUĞAYLAROĞLU
Title Chief of Staff of Rectorate
E-Mail [email protected]