What is Erasmus?

The Erasmus+ Programme is a European funding programme established in 1987, offering university students the possibility of studying or doing an internship abroad in another country for at least two months and a maximum of 12 months per cycle of studies. Erasmus+ now offers the possibility to go way beyond the European borders as well.

Can you benefit?

After completing the 1st year of studies, higher education students can benefit from the Erasmus+ studies and Erasmus+ placement programmes. There is no age limitation.


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International Cooperation & Exchange Programs at Ankara Medipol University

Ankara Medipol University firmly believes that internationalization enhances the quality of education and research. It wants to create an environment that provides multiple opportunities for intercultural exchange to support creativity, learning and discovery. 

The Bologna process serves as an essential framework for designing all Ankara Medipol University (AMU)’s educational programs. To facilitate the mobility of students and staff and achieve transparency and obtain recognition of qualifications, Ankara Medipol University has developed all its curriculums in line with the European and national qualifications frameworks, and the ECTS is used for credit allocation at the university. In its first academic year, Ankara Medipol University was awarded an Erasmus Extended University Charter in 2021. This award covers the period of 2021-2027, and AMU will strongly be determined to be an active member of the Erasmus+ program with the Erasmus Charter awarded by the European Commission.

International Cooperation and Partnerships

Ankara Medipol University is continuously establishing links of cooperation geographically balanced with institutions that share our commitment to excellence in academics and our innovative vision. Please, contact us for any queries at [email protected]

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