An Important Announcement On The Final Exams

AnasayfaAkademik Duyurular - İng SayfaAn Important Announcement On The Final Exams

  • The final exams will be held between June 07 – 18, 2021
  • This announcement is only valid for the ‘’Distance Multiple Choice and/or Open-Ended Exams’’ conducted online on the MEBIS system.
  • In order to join the online exams, you must login to the system on a computer with an internet connection.  The responsibility of obtaining a computer with internet connection entirely belong to the student. It is not recommended to use tablet and mobile phone. In case of using, the technical malfunctions belong to the student.
  • Students who do not have access to computers can take their exams at university computer laboratories. Please contact your School/College/ Vocational School Secretariats.
  • You can directly access the exam system using address. The detailed exam schedule showing which courses can take the exam on which day within the specified date range will be announced by the School / College / Vocational School you are affiliated with. During the exam process, you can perform your exams for the course or courses you are responsible for, by logging into the system only on the days and hours of the exam program.
  • Exam start and final entry times should be taken into consideration. The system time is taken into consideration for the exam start and final entry times.
  • You should use the ‘Google Chrome browser not to face any browser caused problem. Otherwise, you cannot enter the exam.
  • You can open your MEBIS account only on one (1) device. If you click the “Sign Out” option on the warning screen that appears when you attempt to log in from more than one device, the session on your active device will be terminated and you will not be able to advance through the questions.You can continue your exam on the last device until your time is up.
  • Because the exam questions are personal, you are responsible to be alone in the exam environment and to answer the questions individually without any learning resource and support from anyone.
  • Copying and sharing exam questions in any environment constitutes a crime by our laws, and such actions have criminal liability.
  • The exams of students who are found to have committed an ethical violation will be considered invalid.
  • You must contact MEBIS if you think to have had a systematic problem before or during the exam.
  • You can contact MEBIS via [email protected] email address or at 444 20 10.


  • You will not be able to take the exam (as in formal exams) if you do not take the exam within the time period specified in the “Exam Start Time – Last Exam Entry Time” field of the exam in the activities of your course in MEBIS. In order not to miss the exam entrance time, it is recommended that you be present in the system 10 minutes before the exam.
  • In order to start the exam, you must confirm your screen to switch to ‘Full-Screen mode.
  • The exam time starts the second you begin the exam. The answers you marked will automatically be saved to the system when the exam time ends, and your exam will be terminated. In this case, the answers you gave to the questions will be taken into evaluation until the exam is terminated..
  • It is blocked to go back to previous and blank questions on the exam screen. After answering a question or checking the “Leave the question blank” option, you can switch to the next question using the “Answer and Next Question” button. The next question will not be passed without marking.
  • The question order and answer choices each student will see will be different and random.
  • Your exam ends in the following situations;
    • Your exam will be automatically terminated if you try to exit the full screen three times.
    • If you do not click the “Continue the Exam” button within 15 seconds on the warning screen that appears after 2 minutes of inactivity, your exam will be automatically terminated after 15 seconds.
    • If the “Continue the Exam” button is not clicked within 30 seconds on the warning screen that appears when attempting to exit the full screen, your exam will be automatically terminated at the end of 30 seconds.
    • The exam is automatically terminated when the specified exam time expires from the time you enter the exam.
    • When you click the “Finish Exam” button that appears when you reach the last question, the exam is terminated.
    • The exam is terminated when the “Finish Exam” button is clicked on the warning screen that appears when attempting to exit the full screen.
  • Possible problems may occur such as power / internet shortages can be determined by the system. If you encounter power / internet shortages during the exam, you can use the remaining time by re-logging into the system before the exam period ends. Your exam will be terminated when the time ends and you will be graded on the questions you have answered until that moment.
  • You can continue your exam by folowing these steps in case you have a problem with your device or your connection;
    • Firstly do these steps when you are certain that you did not use your right to exit the full screen twice.
    • Exit the full screen by clicking the ‘Esc’ button on the keyboard.
    • Close your browser without clicking any button on the warning screen appears. Because the exam time passes during this period, you need to do these actions quickly.
    • You can continue your exam by logging into the address on Chrome browser on the same or another device.
  • If you start the exam again, the questions you answered will be unchanged, and the questions and options you have not answered will appear on your screen with changed order.
  • In case your connection is low, you can download the missing or not uploaded questions by clicking the “Reload” button in the question title field.
  • You can save your text page by clicking the ‘Save’ button while answering the text questions, which you’ll be working on for a long time.
  •  You can prevent your exam from being terminated due to inactivity by clicking on the exam screen at intervals of 1-2 minutes so that your exam will not end due to the inactivity period for the questions you solve on paper.
  • You are responsible for the confidentiality of the exam specially prepared for you. You cannot show, share, copy or publish exam questions and answers; You cannot participate in such actions taken by others.
  • The situations where your exam will be considered ‘invalid’ are as follows;: Putting someone else to the exam themselves, getting help from others in solving the questions or to take the exam in the place of another student, copying all or part of the exam questions, taking photos, copying them in any way, sharing them or publishing them in digital media, violating the rules announced and notified to the student.
  • Provided that you are informed in advance, the lecturer may ask you to take the exam with an open camera and microphone.
  • The student may request a face-to-face written or oral exam from the lecturer.
  • If you request a face-to-face written or oral exam, you can reach the relevant exam from MEBIS at the start date/time of the exam and say, “I do not accept it; I request a face-to-face written / oral exam for this course.” Just select the option and confirm. You must contact the lecturer of the course for the date of your face-to-face / oral exam. By choosing this option, click the “CLOSE” button.

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