Connection Settings

There is almost no difference between connecting to an eduroam network and connecting to your own institution’s network. You must connect using the same username and password with the authorization and encryption method you used when connecting to your own institution’s network. The only difference with your own institution is that the SSID, that is, the “Wireless Network Name”, is different. If the SSID used in your institution is the same as other institutions, you can make a direct connection without having to do this. You can check the SSIDs of eduroam member institutions on the eduroam Turkey participant information page.
You can find out whether the institution you are visiting uses the same SSID for its users, and the eduroam coverage areas from this page and the information pages of the institution you are visiting.
Predefined SecureW2 Package
Users using Microsoft Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP operating systems must use the SecureW2 software to enter IEEE 802.1x and EAP settings.
You can install the SecureW2 package with its default settings and enter the following information in the user information window that appears at the end of the installation. For the SecureW2 client to be active, Windows must be selected as the wireless adapter manager, and third-party software must be disabled.
Below, explanations on how to connect to the eduroam network for different operating systems are given as an example. (IMU employees and students will write their e-mail addresses with the extension ‘’ in the username section and their e-mail passwords in the password section.

• eduroam setting for windows 8
• eduroam setting for Windows 7 / Vista
• eduroam setting for Android
• General eduroam setting for Linux
• eduroam setting for Ubuntu Linux
• Eduroam setting for Pardus
• eduroam setting for Mac OS X

• eduroam setting for IPHONE/IPAD
To perform this operation, your mobile device must be connected to the internet with another connection (IMU-OGRENCI or LTE). You need to download the configuration file by clicking HERE with the browser on your mobile device.
Those who have problems with IOS update on iPhone devices should click HERE to download the configuration file.

o Clicking on the configuration file will prompt you to install a new profile as seen in the image below. Press the “Upload” button.

o In the warning window that opens, click the “Install Now” button.

o After the profile is loaded, press the “Done” button.

o Enter Wi-Fi from the settings menu and click eduroam in the list.

o Enter your e -mail address with the extension as the username and your e- mail password as the password and press the “Join” button.

o When the Certificate Not Verified warning appears, press the “Accept” button.

o Your mobile device is now joined to the eduroam network.

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