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*This exam does not include students who will start their education in the programs supplying education in Turkish.

Students who will study in departments supplying education in English must study in the English Preparatory Program. Students who plan not to study in the preparatory program and start education in the departments must successfully be exempted from the English exemption exam. The exam will be held face to face on Main Campus, Block B. Details of the exam are provided as the followings:

  WRITTEN EXAMS 1ST SESSION19.09.2022, Monday Stage 1:    09:00-11:00 (Test) Stage 2:    11:15-12:00 (Composition)  
  WRITTEN EXAMS 2ND SESSION19.09.2022, Monday Stage 1:    09:00-11:00 (Test) Stage 2:    11:15-12:00 (Composition)  
    SPEAKING TESTS  20.09.2022, Tuesday Stage 3:   09:00-18:30 (Speaking Tests)

Exam Content and the Scope

The Exam is a three-stage test that measures Testing, Writing and Speaking Skills. Students are kindly requested to arrive 30 minutes before the exam.

Stage 1: Testing

– This stage consists of 80 questions prepared in 4 (four) different sections, and foreign language skills will be measured based on questions prepared at the proficiency level.

– This stage is 40 points.

– Below is a brief description of the exam format:

1) Listening: 16 questions (While listening & note-taking skills),

2) Reading: 22 questions (Reading and understanding 2/3 of articles),

3) Grammar: 24 questions (Mechanical and Contextual/Meaningful question types),

4) Vocabulary: 18 questions (Mechanical and Contextual/Meaningful question types).

Stage 2: Writing

The students are expected to write an English essay on the given topic at this stage. This stage is 20 points.

Stage 3: Speaking

At this stage, speaking skills, one of the productive skills in foreign language education, will be measured at the proficiency level per the preparatory class exemption criteria. Students will sit the exam one by one, and the exam duration is 10 minutes. This stage is 40 points.

Preparatory School Exemption Criteria

– To be exempted from the English Preparatory Program, students must get 70 points out of 100 due to the total points of all stages.

– Students whose scores are below 70 points in the exemption exam will be placed in the Preparatory Classes based on their exam success scores. Another placement test will not be administered.

Exam Rules and Procedures

When cheating, deceptive or misleading are detected during the exam, the exams of the students who take any actions will be declared invalid, and disciplinary action will be taken against them by the Higher Education Institutions Student Disciplinary Regulation.

Some of the actions that may result in the cancellation of the exam are listed below:

– Receiving help from external sources (another person, mobile phone, electronic device, book, etc.),

– Sharing questions or answers,

Students who sit the exam are obliged to follow the exam rules and are considered to have accepted the rules.

Ankara Medipol University

School of Foreign Languages

For Details: ydyo.ankaramedipol.edu.tr

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