The “Turkish proficiency Exam,” which will be held by Ankara Medipol University Turkish Preparatory Unit, will take place at 09:00 on SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2022. Students must be present at Ankara Medipol University Central Campus BLOCK B at 08.45 at the latest.

1. When they come to the exam, the students must bring “identity documents with an attached photograph”, such as an identity card, passport, driver’s license, etc., and student ID or the document they are given during registration.

2. The exam consists of 3 sessions. Reading and listening skills will be evaluated in the first day’s morning session (September 21) and writing skills will be assessed in the first day’s afternoon session (September 21). In the third session of the second day (September 22), speaking skills will be conducted face-to-face at 09:00.

Name of the ExamDateStarting Time
Session 1 (Reading and Listening)SEPTEMBER 2109.00
Session 2 (Writing)SEPTEMBER 2113.00
Session 3 (Speaking)SEPTEMBER 2209.00

3.    The exam includes the following sections.

ReadingText comprehension questions, vocabulary questions
ListeningComprehension questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, true-false questions,
WritingGuided writing practice, fill-in-the-blank (grammar)
Speaking 1Question & Answer (acquaintance)
Speaking 2Conversation over text and images
  • The exam scoring system is as follows.
  • Reading: 30
  • Listening: 30
  • Writing: 40
  • Speaking: 100

60% of the total of the first and second sessions and 40% of the third sessions are taken. Students who score 70 and above are entitled to be exempted from the Turkish Preparatory Program.

WARNING: The student who sits this exam is considered to have accepted the audio and video recording. (The speaking test is recorded.)

NOTE: Turkish Proficiency Exam information will be announced on our website later.



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