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According to the Partial Closing Circular sent by the Ministry of Interior to 81 Provincial Governorships by the announcement of the Council of Higher Education dated 13.03.2020 and numbered 73112577-000-E.21113 and the Presidential circular dated 25.08.2020 and numbered 2020/11, Ankara Medipol University has decided not only to effectively fight the coronavirus pandemic as much possible but also to implement almost the measurements throughout the university. To carry out and monitor the following decisions, a Covid-19 commission has been set up.

Decisions Taken

  • Safe (Physical) distance (1.5 meters), Mask use, and maintaining careful compliance with hygiene rules. In case of detection of those who do not comply with the rules, it will immediately be reported to the Covid-19 commission,
  • Those, who have a cough, headache, muscle pain, weakness, loss of appetite, fever, taste and/or smell disorder, diarrhea, runny nose, and similar complaints, should not come to work, and immediately inform the unit supervisors and the administration of their situation,
  • The information of our employees diagnosed with Covid-19 is to be reported immediately to the unit they are affiliated with and the Covid-19 Commission so that necessary measures can be taken in the persons with whom they may come into contact,
  • Close contacts/Covid-19 positive people, who are in mandatory isolation and whose condition is at risk, should request a health report from the filiation teams to be given to the workplace after the isolation starts and the report should be sent to the e-mail address: [email protected], and then to the unit they are affiliated with,
  • Until a new decision is taken, the University’s working hours should be arranged as 10:00-16:00,
  • To determine the working hours of the personnel affiliated to the Construction Affairs and Technical Department, Administrative Financial Affairs, Support Services by the Department,
  • Academic staff, who come to work alternately (maximum 50% capacity), should comply with the rule of safe (physical) distance (1.5 meters) in offices,
  • Employees over the age of 65, with chronic diseases , pregnant and disabled, will work remotely, and be considered on administrative leave until a new decision is taken,
  • Relevant Dean’s Office, Directorate, and Presidency will determine who will work and how in this rotating working system and inform the Rectorate,
  • Academic and Administrative staff should not accept more than 2 guests/visitors to their offices,
  • To inform the security about the incoming guests/visitors and to reduce the density of the environment,
  • Recognizing that remote or rotating employees and those working at the place of work is equal in terms of the responsibility of carrying out the service, and that necessary actions are taken to ensure that they are reachable during working hours (direction of the intercom, e-mail, etc.),
  • Administrative leave, remote or rotating employees should not leave their place of residence and be aware that those who need their services must return to duty as soon as they are called,
  • All personnel should have the HEPP code checked and update it on MEBIS at regular intervals,
  • Environment cleaning and disinfection, use of elevators, dining hall, libraries, etc. It was decided to continue the previous decisions regarding the areas.
  • Description of chronic diseases; Those with chronic diseases must take the printout of the “COVID-19 (Administrative Leave Report)” via the e-pulse system and submit it to the unit they work to receive “administrative leave”.
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