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Ankara Medipol University uses the following grading system at its both undergraduate and graduate levels

(1) The success of a course is evaluated by the grade of that course at Ankara Medipol University. The grading system consists of assessing based on the midterm exam, midterm exam substitutes, such as homework, group studies and similar work, and the final exam. The department sets the contribution of the final exam; this contribution cannot be above 70% and below 30%. Grade points are in the range of 0 to 100 and converted to grade points in the 0 to 4 scale and letter grades.

(2) Each grade is converted to point grades and letter grades, as shown below.




(1) Exams consist of mid-term, final, make-up, exemption, excuse, and single course exams. They could be conducted in oral or written forms or both verbal and written and practice. Departments announce exam dates one week before the exam period. Students who did not take the exams are considered forfeiting their rights, and those exams are graded with a zero (0). If necessary, exams can be done on weekend days with the decision of the administrative office and approval of the Rector.

(2) Students must take exams on an announced day, time and place. They must also carry student ID and other callable documents on the exam day; otherwise, exams are considered invalid. Exam grades are considered invalid even if the student takes the exam but does not meet the exam requirements. Written exam papers are kept for at least two years.

(3) Guideline for exams:

a) Midterm exam: Every course has at least one midterm exam each semester. Project, homework, lab, workshop and similar study evaluations may be considered as the midterm. Midterm grades are announced before the final exam. Exams done by the School of Medicine and School of Dentistry course committees are regarded as midterm exams.

b) Final exam: The final exam of a course is done at the end of the semester or year. Students enrolled in a course and attended the classes take the final exam of that course. The decision of the relevant committees may impose a passing grade for final exams. School of Medicine and School of Dentistry year-end and committee exams are considered final exams. Medical School and School of Dentistry students whose committee grade averages are equal to and greater than 75 are exempted from the end-of-semester final exam. When calculating the exemption grades, non-integers are rounded to the nearest integer.

c) Completion exam: It is an exam taken at the end of the semester/year for failed courses or to increase a grade of a completed course after agreeing to waive the final exam grade. If the goal is to increase the grade, a student can take only one completion exam and apply to the department one week before the exam.

d) Exemption exam: Exemption exams are done at the beginning of the semester for courses recommended by the relevant committees and approved by the Senate.

e) Make-up exam: This exam is done in place of midterm and completion exams. Students who are approved for make-up exams but did not take the exams due to valid excuses accepted by the relevant administrative committees can take make-up exams in the same semester for midterm exams and at a date decided by the organisational committee for the completion exams.

f) Single course exam: Student, who has one course left for graduation after completion exams, can be awarded a single course exam by the decision of the administrative committee. This right is granted once for a student. The exam grade substitutes the final exam grade.  

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