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AnasayfaERASMUSOutgoing Student


  • Applicants must be registered at our university as full-degree students.
  • Undergraduate students who are considering applying for Erasmus+ should have at least 2.20 CGPA and graduate students should have at least 2.50 CGPA over 4.0.
  • Applicants should have an intermediate language level at the receiving institution.

According to the regulations of the Turkish National Agency,

  • 50 % of CGPA and
  • 50 % of the language test score are considered in electing prospective Erasmus students.

NOTE 1: Please Note that English preparatory class students cannot be regarded as eligible to apply.

NOTE 2: Students can participate in the Erasmus+ Program during their studies at the same level.

NOTE 3: Undergraduate students can participate in the program during their undergraduate studies, master’s students can participate in the program during their master’s studies, and Ph.D. students can participate in the program during their Ph.D. studies.


  • If the applicant is qualified by the criteria above and would like to participate in the Erasmus program, applicants can apply for the program by filling up the Application Form in addition to the transcript. Students can apply to other universities abroad according to the language exam scores taken at Ankara Medipol University.
  • Applications are received only once a year and always for the following academic year. The application period usually starts at the beginning of February.

The students must fill in the following documents and complete them after the ending of the exchange program.

  • Learning Agreement
  • Recognition Sheet
  • Duration Sheet
  • Transcript
  • Passport information with its sealed version demonstrates that the applicant has entered and gone out from the country.