From the outset, one of the priorities of Ankara Medipol University (AMU) has been to internationalise its mission and vision to compete successfully with the academic and scientific world on the global level. With this perspective, first, it immediately put into effect a one-year compulsory English preparatory programme almost for all the programmes to communicate academically and scientifically with the broader world. Secondly, the university has also established International Relations Office and Erasmus Office to manage and develop international institutional connections, staff and student exchanges and research programs. Since its establishment, AMU has been seriously involved in international cooperation. It thus works hard to realise a rapid increase in international activities involving staff and student exchanges with EU universities. It has been striving to sign agreements with the universities in EU member countries and non-non-European countries. For further information, please see:,

Ankara Medipol University strives to involve in cooperative activities with universities having EUC to improve and innovate the quality of its education. The university’s primary objective is to become an integrated institution with an international curriculum following the principles of ECTS. In this respect, Ankara Medipol University has been awarded an Extended Erasmus Charter for the 2021-2027 period, and its Erasmus ID is TR ANKARA28. As a result of its strenuous effort to be internationalised, Ankara Medipol University has been awarded Diploma Supplement (DS) 2021-2027 by the European Commission.

The university has undertaken projects both at the graduate and undergraduate levels and staff mobility studies in Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus Programmes. The vision of the International Relations Office of KBU is to:

  • make the academic programs of KBU internationally accredited,
  • increase the international participation in the courses and programs offered by LLP of EU,
  • increase the student exchange between KBU and universities abroad,
  • facilitate international academic and professional activities,
  • increase cross-cultural awareness.

Further information could be taken from the following contact:

Ankara Medipol University (Main Campus)
Hacı Bayram Mah. Talat Paşa Bulvarı No: 2   

E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail:  [email protected]


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