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AnasayfaERASMUSCost of Living

Turkey is cheaper in many respects than most of the Western countries.  Moreover, Turkey is the OECD country with the lowest costs of living. Most Turkish students live on around 250-350€ per month including the cost of dormitories.

Accommodation (dormitory)€ 125 per month
Furnished house rent€ 300 per month
Household expenses € 100 per month

Transportation is also quite reasonable for students in the city. Buses run in every 15 minutes, and a student ticket costs less than 50 cents for in-city public transportation.

Here are some approximate prices in Euro:

A loaf of bread25 centsA kilo of chicken meat10 Euro
A litter of fresh water in the market15 centsA dozen of eggs4 Euro
A cup of coffee in an average café5 EuroA kilo of beef meat30 Euro
A litter of milk2 EuroA kilo of apples0,75 – 1,50 Euro
Butter (250 gr)3 EuroA kilo of oranges0,50 – 1 Euro
Burger Menu10 EuroA litter of gas5 Euro
Coke in the market2 EuroCinema ticket for students7 Euro
A kilo of sugar3 EuroMeal at student cafeteria5 Euro
Average restaurant meal15 Euro
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