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Internalisation has been one of the main priorities and objectives of Ankara Medipol University since its establishment in 2018. It has proved this priority and objective not only by heavily getting involved in international cooperation across the world but also by realising over the past few years an enormous increase in international activities involving staff and student exchanges with the universities in Japan, Central Asian Turkic republics, United States and many countries in Europe.

As a result of this stimulating internalisation effort, Ankara Medipol University has joined the Socrates-Erasmus programme in 2021, only three years after its establishment. Since then, the number of bilateral agreements and outgoing and incoming exchange students has steadily increased. We are also trying to improve our share in other programs such as Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtwig to increase international collaborations. All these international programmes are coordinated by both International Relations Office and Erasmus Office.

Besides, the university has just obtained an Extended Erasmus Charter for the 2021-2027 period, and its Erasmus ID is TR ANKARA28. This Charter grants the university the right to send its students to European countries for placement and vice versa. This program is top-rated among the students, especially the faculty of Engineering, medicine, and Dentistry faculty. Professional practice or internship is a prerequisite for graduation and is compulsory in the curriculum. Finally, due to its strenuous effort to be internationalised, Ankara Medipol University has also been awarded Diploma Supplement (DS) 2021-2027 by the European Commission.

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